Practice Sessions

We've had quite a good response, and people are asking to join us in practice every couple of days. Super! Now, instead of repeating the same thing over and over again, here's a quick post about how to get in touch with Chennai Parkour, and Urban Exodus.

How to get in touch?

It's easy. Go to the Contact Us page. We have a list of phone numbers you can call, or if you're the shy type (like me), you can mail us... Pick up your phone, and give one (or all) of us a call. You can also head over to the Chennai Parkour Forums. This is where most of our online discussions will be focused.

Where do you meet?

We meet most frequently at the Besant Nagar Beach (Elliot's Beach) near the Schmidt Memorial. We currently meet at Thiru. Vi. Ka. Park, in Shenoy Nagar. Click on the image below to see the location on a map. Besant Nagar Practice Location View Chennai Parkour Meetup Location in a larger map.

When do you meet?

Most practice sessions start off around 5:30 pm and go on till 8pm or later... We encourage you to join us at the start.

How often do you meet?

A bunch of guys get together 2-3 times during the week. Kage and the gang keeps everyone informed via text messages, so remember the first step: Get in touch, and we'll stay in touch with you. Having said that, some of our largest groups have come together on Saturdays, so if you want to meet and hang out with the most number of guys, try to make your Saturday evenings free.

What do I have to bring?

Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes. They should be good to exercise in, and should not restrict the movement of your limbs. Wear a good pair of running shoes, and bring about a litre of water (you will get dehydrated really quickly). If you bring a bag or other stuff, be prepared to leave it lying around, so make sure that you minimise any valuables that you're carrying. Things do get stolen.

Anything else?

Would you like to know something else? Leave us a comment and I'll update this post with the answer. Hope to see you soon. NOTE: Updated 23rd March. '10.


What does it take to join you? Is there a fee? Is there any age restriction?

Hope to hear back from you...

No Rohit, there are no restrictions to entry whatsoever. If you think you can do it, you can. Do get in touch with us via our Contact Us page and we'd be glad to have you join us.

can i have phone 2 contact??

Are there any age restrictions?

Is this only for men ?

No. It's not only for guys, but we've only had guys practice with us. If you're a girl, you may feel a bit more comfortable if you bring a friend or two along...

But fear not, we try to be as genteel as possible.

hey what time do you practice??

do you practice on Saturdays and Sundays? I am generally not free during the other days because I go for fitness training (2hrs a day).


It was good, speaking to you today. Yes, we do practise on Saturdays and Sundays. As mentioned, we're putting together a Beginner's camp. Watch this website for more details.

wat sort of stuff do u do in ur practice? for beginners? will practicing wit u guys alone be enuf of will der need to be some homework on my part?

hey Susheel ! Hemanth here wanted to ask some questions about parkour can u plz send me ur email id so i can mail u the questionnaire ... to

can u tell me more abt the session fr girls?


As of now there's no dedicated session for girls. However, do call me and we'll see if we can arrange something for you. Phone numbers are on the contact us page.

Hope to hear from you.

how much fees ......?


There are no fees. It's a free, open session for anyone who wants to join.

Hey folks!
How about early morning sessions at all? anything happpening early mornings? would love to join you if you do..

its jus awesome n i wud lik to join in this............wanna join in this whom shud be contacted regarding this issue.......

Hey Folks!!

I watched your programme @ NDTV HINDU its amazing. I have a problem with my knee. As of now Iam under medication.
But please why dont you start a session for girls alone atleast for their basic levels.

Very happy to see youngsters rocking with new kind of practices @ chennai!!!!

'Be the change U want to SEE in the world' :)

Hi Deepu, Leave your details at the "Connect with us" page and we'll get back to you.


We're looking forward to spreading the good word. :D

hey i watch ur parkour in ss music and i am interested to join and pratice . how can i join in this parkour pratices

Hi Gautham,

We're practising quite regularly near Anna Nagar. Do leave your contact details on the "Connect with us" page, and we'll get in touch when we have a beginners session.

why dont you start parkour class in coimbatore

hi guys..
i am interested in joining parkour.. is there any training near Anna Nagar?

may i no wen is the nxt session ?????
and i have alredy been there last year in the month of dec
i hope u still remember me
i was not able to join u in between
and i would like to join