Welcome, Chennai based fans of parkour

Chennai, India has a number of Traceurs (people who practice Parkour) who are very enthusiastic about this sport. However, it is still in its infancy and has yet a way to go. Join in the fun and be part of this fun (and dangerous) sport. Parkour has variations that are called Le Parkour, L'art du déplacement (the art of movement), Free Running, Yamakasi, and God knows what else! If you're here to find out more about how to get in touch with the traceurs and free runners who are over-running this city, check on the beaches, the parks and the train stations. Alternatively, you could get in touch with them in the ChennaiParkour.com Forums. :D Cheers! And happy running!


Kudos for getting this website up. I've been imploring Tariq (the only traceur I know from Chennai, Kage used to be in Delhi first) to do so for ages.
All the best.

NOS, thanks for dropping by. Yes, our comments are moderated, but ony the first time you post. After we know that you are indeed human, and not a software 'bot' you can comment without being moderated.

Do stop by more often :D



You might want to add a feedback page in that case, one that tells me that my post has been made and is awaiting moderator approval. I know you can implement easily it since such a feature is available in wordpress.
I'm saying this because the first time I got confused as to whether the site had accepted my comment or not, or whether there had been an error.

Okay, you may delete this Susheel, once you see this. I just put it here because this was the fastest and easiest way I could get to you since you guys don't have an official email id for the site yet. :)

Hey guys,
Akhil here from Mumbai . Good to see more pk sites around.
Would love to see any videos of your training sessions/jams.
I do keep visiting chennai at times maybe we can meet up next time.

Take care
pk 4 lyf

NOS, I'll take your advice on that feedback page. You can contact us at info@chennaiparkour.com It has been active for a while, but a well kept secret ;)

Akhil, Wonderful to have you here... We'd love to have you along for a training session or jam. Stay tuned for some photographs we're working on that, and should be coming up with some videos soon.


Cant wait for the pics/vids

Good luck guys

hey guys my name is aravind im from chennai too im too intrested in parkour maybe i learn some stuffs from u guys and i wish to be a part of the team can i ??

hey guys im interested too in joining teh team too , is there i can contact u guys , so that we can meet up

wel...where do u guys practice parkour??...wanna join u guys and learn some basics asap...can u pls guide me??

Karthik, there's no age bar... You do need to be fit, or be able to reach a pretty good level of fitness. This means dedication. However, we're looking for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Having said that, if you have any physical ailments, infirmities, please do take your doctor's advice before practicing Parkour. It is a process of slowly building up skills and thresholds. Slow and steady, actually does win the race :D

Jayaraman, we're all learning from scratch. :D Join us at besant nagar beach to practice. Look at the Contact page for details.

Is their any age bar on the people joining you???

hello ppl...
am jayaraman.... been seeing parkour videos for sometime now...and i'd want 2 join u guys...flex out...do some free running....jump walls....pls let me know if i can learn the basics from u guys....

and hey...am entirely new 2 this stuff...ll ve 2 learn from scratch!!!